Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy look what Daddy taught me!

Yesterday, Thursday June 11th:

This is how I found Egg after leaving the room to wash my hands. I'm not entirely sure if she's crying because she doesn't want to be in her crib or because she's freaked out that she actually stood up all on her own and now clings to the railing for dear life. And yes, her Daddy taught her, he told me so.

Today, Friday June 12th:

Of course her Daddy lowered the mattress right away, and today she's not freaked out anymore. This seems to become a daily occurrence in our house now.

Nadine: See what she's wearing?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Oh Boy, oh Boy

I don't believe the calendar says June 8th. It's lying. It just cannot be.

Though I do have some knitting, spinning and Baby to show you. Egg is doing wonderfully, she's got four teeth, she almost crawls, and she knows how to whistle on a little toy. If it takes her too long to actually whistle, she makes the noise as if. It's too funny.

The knitting and spinning can be found on Ravelry, where I dutifully report everything I'm up to. That's probably why the blog falls short! I'm sorry about that and will try to do better.