Monday, April 01, 2013

Not fooling around

As you might now, I spend a lot of my time working at Espace Tricot, the knitting store extraordinaire in Montreal. Also, I have weekly posts on our blog which are hopefully entertaining and informative to the readers.

Now Lisa, Melissa and I are up to more wonderful things - we are co-operating in publishing patterns for you to enjoy! They are featured on our blog and, best of all, free for you!

I am aware that this blog is my 'personal space' but I do put much work and love into my designs, so I want to share them here, too. Have a look at the first: The Ombre Tank, worked in the absolutely beautiful Habu Tsumugi Silk. This yarn is crunchy, summery and yet very soft once blocked. I very much enjoyed working with it.

Watch out for more to come! 

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Unknown said...

Need help with short sleeve mesh top. If you can help please email Patti Whyte at:
Hi Eilene,
I hope you're doing well.
I have a knitting question!! I bought a pattern a few years ago for a short sleeve mesh top using Reynolds "Garden Tweed", apparently a discontinued line. My mother-in-law tried to contact the company, who were not at all helpful. Would you look at the attachment and see if you can interpret this:

When knitting the front, back and sleeves the pattern says to knit until the piece measures (and this is the tricky bit) : "x" number of inches.
For example: the numbers/ letter "2", "4" or "w" are in small type next to the number of inches, as if a footnote. There is no clue anywhere on the pattern (which is only a single page) as to what this means.
I've never seen a notation like this! It's not handwritten, it's in the printed text. Any ideas??