Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well equipped = big balls

No no no, really not what you are thinking right now. I am talking about this:

This is my new ball winder - and it can wind really big balls! This whole set-up is Rolf's doing, it's a good thing that in my house skeins of yarn are never far when you need one.

My Mom was, as I already mentioned this morning, on the right track when she sent me this:

The tulips are orange (I know they look pink, but they are not), so are the ones on the card. The gift wrap is yellow with a nice yellow/orange bow, the bunny sits in an orange nest and the bag is goldcoloured. Now, the chocolates are neither yellow nor orange, but that's a good thing! "Project Spectrum" April colours all the way.

Here's what I thought of using this month:

It's all naturally dyed 70% Mohair and 30% Silk yarn which should make a very nice lacy shawl or scarf.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes in the comments, ladies!!

Happy Birthday to meeee!

No matter how old I get I expect to feel different on my birthday. Yet, I never do (anymore, I think the last time was when I turned 18).

I got a package from my Mom who doesn't know about "Project Spectrum" but seems to have been caught by the spirit of it. Pictures tonight.

There's a pale yellow soft silky yarn waiting for me to swatch. I had the best intentions two nights ago, but then I worked on something else.

Off now to celebrate as best as possible my special day.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just sayin'

After tonights episode of "Grey's Anatomy" I keep thinking how many people will wonder if every young woman who knits has sworn an oath of celibacy.

Just sayin'.