Thursday, August 09, 2007

A can of worms has been opened

Are you a subscriber to "Knitting Daily" by Interweave? Have you read about the size issue? I started to read the comments, but after about 20 I gave up and thought to myself "where do these people shop for clothes, if it is apparently so very difficult for them to find a good fit?" Not to mention the complaint that plus sizes are not offered, when a quick count by Sandi Wisehart shows the opposite. Double take, indeed.

That might sound a tad snarky, but honestly, every person has another issue with her body and would like to see the patterns tailored to deal with it. (I have issues, too. But I think that's none of the editors' business.) Let me tell you, a big can of wiggling worms has been opened.

None of these people goes into a retail store and complains about ill-fitting garments, which, after all, would be futile, no? How come that a knitting magazine is suddenly treated as one's personal shop and expected to handle all that clothing manufacturers cannot? Isn't that the great thing about knitting that we can adapt the garments to our needs ourselves? Granted, you'd have to learn about how to alter a sweater and if you've never done it it can be intimidating. However, it is not impossible. (ed. to add: mostly, there are exceptions)

I wish I could offer a quick solution for everyone. As it is, all you can do when your body deviates from what's regarded "normal" (No, I won't go there. I am aware that the majority is not model-sized. Either way.) is to pick the pattern that's best for your body type - which you'd have to know - and if it's not perfect in the size and fit given, make it so.

All you need is a tape-measure, a calculator and the will to learn how to make a pattern your own.

Rant over. (Yes, I might be feeling a bit grumpy today. So what. And tomorrow I might feel like the fish on the platter thinking "I wouldn't be here if I'd kept my mouth shut.")

Monday, August 06, 2007

Alive and Knitting

Phew. Heat. Sweat. Sticky fingers. Not much knitting. Work knitting, mostly.

New yarn that yet has to be photographed (t'was a gift! I love me a good yarn gift!!).

More soon. I hope.

One more thing: Yes, I did spent five hours on my dentist's chair, but at least 45 minutes were my fault. See, I had a cavity in the tooth that sits directly behind the one with the root canal. That had to be fixed before the other. I need to say that I am very happy with my dentist, she's very thorough and wants everything to be perfect. She did a great job and after three days it felt almost normal again and I don't have any problems whatsoever. Happy teeth!