Monday, June 27, 2011

Picking Strawberries

Whoever thought getting four of the 4 litre baskets was a good idea? Oh. Yeah. That would be me. The weather was fantastic and so we filled them, with small, very red and ripe fruit.

Egg had a lot of fun but of course more Strawberries ended up in her mouth than in her basket...

The Quebec Strawberries of this year were ready late and even the reddest ones are still a bit tart. I don't think we mind.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, yes, that would be me. The girl (ahem, rather: woman) working in a yarn store. Making money by selling lovely yarn, advising people with their knitting...and, most of it: Having time for selfish knitting! Over the last six months I have been knitting for myself more than in six years time. It's fantastic. I'd forgotten how that goes.

This year alone I have knit EIGHT sweaters etc. for myself (not all of them a success, but that's another story) and several other smaller things. Then there are some gifts and store samples...I can't believe I've been that productive and didn't have to give most of it away. Also, I've been choosing fun projects, meaning they were quite a digression from what I would have knit three years ago. FUN!

That's why my designing life got put on hold - more or less. I haven't given up designing, but I think I needed a real break. I won't deny it's hard to go back, but there are some ideas that need attending to!

Egg has been going to daycare since last August, she's loving it and I'm loving that. It's easier to have a life on your own when you know your kid is happy, too.

Life is good. (Apart from the trouble with my teeth. But, honestly, WHO wants to know about that?)

Two of my favourite knits:

Drops Design No 108-33 "Jacket in Lin"

Carol Feller's "Adrift" (Ravelry link) in Noro Sekku