Thursday, July 27, 2006

More fun stuff

1. "Your eyes are not that young and flexible anymore. You HAVE to wear your glasses ALL THE TIME." - Thanks, Doc!

2. Being hissed at by a pissed off, fat raccoon sleeping in a niche above the BBQ when preparing it for dinner (the BBQ, not the raccoon). Uttering a shriek that sends your husband into a laughing fit and then sending him out to deal with the problem.

3. Getting up - no, sorry, racing up every night at least once to close the windows because we got skunked again, while my husband apparently sleeps happily through any of that. (He will testify that I can smell one molecule of skunk stink and rise out of REM sleep in a second.)

4. Watching the weather channel upping the Humidex every day a little bit more.

5. Beautiful gifted "Mountaincolors Bearfoot". (pic to follow)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Miss me?

1. Germany did not win the soccer world cup. Old news, but still true. I figure we are even with the Italians now, Germany having won the cup in Italy in 1990 and Italy having won this year in Germany. As the Germans have done way better than expected, I have no reason to complain about the 3rd place.

2. I suck at knitalongs. No matter how lovingly organized, I'm no good at it. I can live with that.

3. Feeling hot, hot, hot.

4. I got sucked into watching "Canadian Idol". Blame summer-TV and my weak mind. I am upset (as much as I can get upset about a reality show where teens and twens get to sing their sometimes questionable song choices - though my opinion seems to contradict the judges' every time it matters...) that Sarah L. got kicked off last night. Which, of course, makes me wonder about who votes for what reason. It can't be about the singing.

5. Italian leather sofa. It's sincerely cool.

Since the weather is not, I am afraid to stick to it when sitting down. Will work that one out.