Thursday, July 27, 2006

More fun stuff

1. "Your eyes are not that young and flexible anymore. You HAVE to wear your glasses ALL THE TIME." - Thanks, Doc!

2. Being hissed at by a pissed off, fat raccoon sleeping in a niche above the BBQ when preparing it for dinner (the BBQ, not the raccoon). Uttering a shriek that sends your husband into a laughing fit and then sending him out to deal with the problem.

3. Getting up - no, sorry, racing up every night at least once to close the windows because we got skunked again, while my husband apparently sleeps happily through any of that. (He will testify that I can smell one molecule of skunk stink and rise out of REM sleep in a second.)

4. Watching the weather channel upping the Humidex every day a little bit more.

5. Beautiful gifted "Mountaincolors Bearfoot". (pic to follow)


Lolly said...

OMG, that raccoon story! I would have shrieked too!

So glad to see you back, Mona!

Rebekah said...

We had a raccoon once unzip the windows of our Jeep Wrangler and get in and eat our food while we were camping. Those things are smart!