Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Monday

It's hot here in Montreal. The Humidex is obnoxious. (Ey, what would we do if we could not complain about the weather?)

My chic strappy sandals gave me blisters. I still like 'em. I wonder though when I will be able to wear them again. (Knowing me I see a lot of band-aids in the near future.)

No, mine are not from Macy's. I got the cheap knock-off at the place where they keep telling me about BOGO (I have never in my life found myself tempted to buy more than one pair at once) and where I hate to go because the whole store smells like a new plastic container. What drives me there is pure despair. The only good thing is that they carry shoes up to size 12, which is pure bliss for someone who is wearing a size 11 in a city where women apparently stop growing their feet at a size 10.


Karine said...

Sie sind sehr adorable. I get sucked it by BOGO too. May go pick up yet another pair of sandals...

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I think that a palanquin(sp?) is in order whenever one's shoes pinch.