Friday, October 06, 2006

It started November 10th, 2004

Remember this?

And this?

As well as this?

Next time you see it you might be surprised.


Sean said...

Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog. It's funny--I was considering the same name for my blog and for the same reason, too. Vor zehn Jahren war ich Germanist--jezt aber nicht mehr. Anyway, I liked the pun of stricken (as in struck) and the German word.

So, anyway, hi!

loribird said...

Hello Mona! Greetings from Alaska!
(Blogger won't let me reply to you, so I'll post a comment, but feel free to email me if you like:
Thanks for the sock advice you left on my blog - I've enjoyed the pattern, so I'll probably knit a pair for myself... with the extra length, of course.

I'd be interested in finding out the type of Opal I have, as I get lots of compliments on it.

As for the Men In Trees, well, we all laugh at the show - very few of the men are that handsome, and the whole Alaska Lifestyle is rather idealized. It's like assuming everyone in New York City lives a Sex in the City life... But I got a kick out of the very true-to-life attempt to get a flight out in the pilot episode: "Nope, we're not flying to Anchorage today. Only to Sitka." "Oh, I'll go to Sitka then." "Lady, you don't want to go to Sitka..."

loribird said...

Oh, yeah, and the rabid raccoon scene? A fried and I were talking about it last night - we don't have raccoons here...

Connie said...

I'm intrigued. Is it coming out in a future magazine? ;)