Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shop Talk

One thing I never felt compelled to knit is baby clothes. I can't really say why, it just did not appeal to me. Now that I come to think about it, I rarely knitted small things but socks. I say "knitted" since when my job required to design some baby/kids garments, it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought and now that I have to think of some more I find myself enjoying the process.

One reason - or rather: four reasons - is the yarn I get to work with. Reynolds came out with a Kids line this fall, and there are four different yarns that really give you every excuse you want to knit small things.

- Wash Day Wool (psst, my favourite!) is a superwash 100%, very soft wool yarn in a fingering weight

- Sunday Best is a 51% cotton/49% viscose mix in a fingering weight, soft and shiny

- Cottontail is a worsted weight, 60% cotton and 40% microfiber - which gives the good ol' cotton a new, soft twist

- Play Time is a very reliable and soft worsted weight mix of 80% acrylic and 20% wool

There are 12 colors of all four of them, you'll find the pastels (cream, light pink, light blue, yellow), brights (red, orange, pink, green) and, of course, neutrals (indigo, charcoal, chocolate brown, camel), to mix and match as desired. All the colors go well together, there's almost no end to the variety of combinations.

To celebrate the newly created kids' yarns we have a whole book with 42 designs - accessories, toys and garments, ranging in sizes from 0-3 months to 4 years.

The coolest thing I haven't even told you yet: when choosing the yarns we made sure that they can be substituted with each other. Any design in Cotton Tail can be knit in Play Time and the other way around, or, and I've tried it, in Wash Day Wool doubled up - and I get gauge with two strands of Sunday Best, too. Any Wash Day Wool design can be knit in Sunday Best and vice versa. (No, we couldn't think of a method to substitute the fingering weight with the worsted weight yarns, but you didn't really expect that, did you?)

The Kids line is dear to me,  and I do hope you will enjoy looking into it, too.

BTW, the yarn works also well with "adult knitting". Wait, that doesn't sound right...Well, you know what I mean!!


Caroline said...

Ohh I love the new kid yarn! Will Ariadne carry it?

marcy said...

you know with my 4 munchkins, I'll be checking that out!!! what is the size range for the patterns? i tried a cotton 50% mercerized and 50% un that was nice too! is that out?

Mona strickt said...

The sizes start at 0-3 months and go up to 4 years. Mind you, not all of them have all the sizes, we were trying to make sense of the available range. (The Layette for example only goes to 1 year, whereas other designs start with that age.)

Connie said...

"Adult knitting" - I love it ;) That does sound slightly dirty, doesn't it?

Seriously, I would totally knit adult clothes with those yarns. I'm a real fine gauge fan :)

I saw some of these yarns at the LYS in Ithaca. They look and feel great! Do they come in less pastel-y colors too?