Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello there!

I'm back from my trip to Outer Space. I yet have to get used to Earth's gravity, the whole zero gravity thing out there is fun but a bit hard on the muscles. I said "hello" to Major Tom, walked on the Moon, but somehow I was really glad when the space ship landed on familiar ground. There's one thing I am absolutely sure of now: Knitting in space is NOT faster than on Earth.

Some of my exploits (well, tidbits of it) you can see here:

There's more. That's for another day.


Marianne said...

Ah hah! so THAT's where you've been, I've been wondering... :^)
That's some Very Nice Knitting to show!

marcy said...

ooohhh! you tease! very pretty! can't wait to see all of them!

Jennifer said...

Welcome back down to earth! :) I don't know what those teases are, but I really like the stitch definition of the middle one! Is that a wool? It almost looks like something with hemp in it!

lorraine said...

Mmm very nice. So much more I could say ;-)

Welcome back. It's alright around here, eh?

lori said...

so great to see you back. :) love the colour combinations of the top photo sweater.