Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She just hates it!

Egg is not a fan of being strapped into her car seat. See for yourself. It doesn't just look like she's howling, she definitely made some noise. And she can be loud!

I can't get over this suit. It was a gift from my husbands colleague Louis and students Monica and Carolin. I have to smile every time I look at Egg wearing it.

Can you believe that she is already one month old?


Sharon said...

That suit is fantastic!

marcy said...

half the reason to have kids, is to dress them adorably, especially girls!
jus think of the car seat scream as the first time she is accusing you of torturing her, only without words. She'll be in high school, pulling the same stuff, and you can whip out this picture.
it's the job of a parent right?!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I wish I had someone to dress in pink!

Mack HATES his car seat too. He fights me every time I put him in there. Leaving the house isn't a pleasure anymore because of it!

Though, if he falls asleep in it - he can be there for hours!

Happy One Month Egg!

Jenn said...

We hate the car seat too - what is that?

gleek said...

my babe hated the car seat too until i figured out that she wanted her pacifier while traveling. then, it was sweet peace :)

jeloca said...

Forget that- can you believe that you've been a Mommy for a month already???