Thursday, December 04, 2008

Where's my tiny baby?

My, would you believe it? Egg has grown to 56.5 cm (22.25") and weighs 5.160 grams (11.38 pounds) now. She's outgrown a number of her clothes and wears 3-6 mos sizes already. She also has a knack for pooping on the outfits I like best on her about 5 minutes after I put them on - while the other ones stay pristine (well, some regurgitating might occur) for a day or two.

I have caught a cold and felt like mush when it was time to go to her 2 months doctor's appointment. I was also dreading the shots she got, so Rolf took her on his own, and yes, she screamed like a banshee - Rolf said he'd never heard her that loud, and that's a feat in itself, since we know she can be noisy. In the meantime I wish I could down some Benilyn-all-in-one, but alas, nursing prevents me from feeling like a Mensch anytime soon. I have also developed a cough - I hate coughs.

All in all it is a good sign that all the whining is about a flu-like state and not the baby, who is at this moment looking angelic sleeping in her bassinet.

One more thing: Egg has started to utter noises, and there's one in particular that sounds like "uh oh" and the fun thing is that she does it all the time in several variations. It's almost like having a conversation with her when it coincidentally fits the situation.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

She's getting so big Mona! I can't wait to meet her. Mack wants to meet her too!

Getting any knitting time in there?

Feel better soon!

Pharmgirl147 said...

no matter how often I see kids, it always surprises me how quickly they grow! It really sucks that you have a cold, though :( If you have sinus pressure, you can always use something like Otrivin nasal spray as it doesn't get absorbed into breast milk, and Tylenol for aches and pains will go into breast milk, but in such a small quantity that it won't affect egg in any way. This is the pharmacist in me coming out with unsolicited advice :) I feel for pregnant/nursing women because there is little that you can do without effecting baby. I hope you feel better soon!

thinkingmama said...

What a darling baby! I never realized how quickly babies grow until I had my own. Enjoy your first Christmas together!!