Sunday, January 04, 2009

Look what I can do! (The many faces of Egg, part 2)

Weeks ago Egg discovered her tongue - she liked sticking it out. She's pretty much stopped doing that, maybe the novelty wore off. But just because it's so much fun, here's another pic.

Now she's into toys. She can grab them and gnaw on them, her coordination gets better from day to day. She's still not into her soother, mostly I trick her into taking it when she's half asleep. Doesn't do much good, though. One time she's taken it out with her hands and stuck it back in (only to pop it out with her tongue), which is amazing since her coordination is of course not that sophisticated yet.

I kind of had forgotten how much fun it was to play dress up doll. It's even more fun with Egg! Here she's wearing her little pinafore I made before she was born. Somehow I can't believe it already fits.

BTW, still think she looks like me? She looks like her Daddy a lot, too.

Even though she wears pink (I know, pink!) a lot, I get asked often if she's a 'boy or girl'.

Girl, definitely!!

Well, sometimes it's a bit dubious, I admit.

Especially when she wears her new raglan. But the pink teether ring should be a tip off!!

Or maybe I just put it with the pinafore, as intended:


Marianne said...

LOL! Mona, Egg is such The Charmer! and funny! it's plain to see she's having and making plenty of good times!
I wouldn't get anything else done with her around, she's absolutely fascinating!
Pink or blue clothing, matters not, my boys were called girls and my daughter called a boy (and she in a ruffled pink dress!) countless times.

nadine said...

I adore your Photographs !
Egg looks spectacular and gorgeous. She always looks like she's having a fabulous time.

Lorraine said...

At one point I was asked if my daughter was a boy. She was wearing a ping dress with ruffles and lace. I think the haircut is all they see.