Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Velvet Yoke

Hi there, Egg here.

My Mom finished some knitting some time ago, and now she makes me show it off. It was fun for a while.

See, looking cute and all.

Then she wouldn't stop.

One picture after another. I told her  I had enough. 

Mom, you irk me. This is irksome. I'm leaving. 


~Jo~ said...

Egg, please let mommy know that her knitting is almost as beautiful as you! ;)

katherine said...

How many times can I say this kid is adorable? :-)

CT said...

Both Egg and the sweater are beyond words! so beautiful! but the expresion in such a cute little mug! priceless!!!!

nadine said...

i LOVE your photos !
mlle Egg looks wonderful and of course, your sweater is so lovely.

BIG hugs to you both