Friday, May 07, 2010

Long week

I'm sure this week only has 7 days as any other week - but due to some strange time warp thingies (or, maybe, my imagination) it felt and feels a lot longer.

Egg has seemingly a health problem, her temperature was elevated for the last couple of days but she didn't seem to mind at all. No other symptons, just a higher temperature than is normal. Which makes me wonder what's going on, but according to the internet doctors her temperature is well in the limit of 'oh, that's nothing'. As her mother I don't exactly feel that way, but try to stay calm and get her through it.

Now it's Friday evening, I have ordered pizza and am thankful that I don't have to cook dinner.

I do hope that the two remaining days of the week feel exactly as long as the others did - but in a good way. (However, that maybe asked too much.)

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