Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I know. The blog suffered once again. But a lot has happened chez Knit Stricken, and I had to prioritize.

August was very eventful. A new daycare opened at the corner of our street, and at the same time there was talk of me working part time in a yarn store (Espace Tricot) - so off I went and asked if there was a part time spot available, and it was. Egg is going to daycare three days a week now, and what can I say, I'm still not used to it. Today was especially bad, since she anticipated what was coming and was crying all the way there. Apparently she was not alone in being miserable, half of the kids there were crying, too. (I blame this effing heat. Usually they are all quite content.) I definitely have to get over the 'feeling guilty' part, I am well aware that it is futile. We're always told that she had a great time when either of us picks her up and she usually is happily playing when we arrive. And, while I am working, I don't get the time to think about it too much, so that helps!

I am also going to teach a lot of knitting classes - most of which I haven't taught before and that means a lot of preparation. I'm not saying I can't pull it off, but it is a bit scary. Then again, it's knitting, there's hardly anything else I'd rather talk about. So on to new adventures!

Last but not least, I have a design in the upcoming Twistcollective. Yes, I know it is early to talk about a new issue, but I am so excited about it! I mean, sitting here in this heat it is hard to imagine we will be wearing sweaters again soon.

Nooo, I'm not ready for my close up DAYCARE!!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Daycare is good for the kids! Builds their immune system! Lets them socialize! She'll be fine! You'll be fine ;)

What yarn shop are you working in part time? :)

Congrats on your pattern in the next Twist - can't wait to see what it is!!

quinn said...

Pretty exciting about the knit shop and new classes, isn't it? I hope it is inspiring and fun!

It is blindingly, stumblingly, flatteningly hot here today, and I feel fairly certain I will never wear a sweater again, never ever never.

(Of course, this may change. But I honestly cannot imagine it.)

Caroline said...

Does your daycare have a waiting list? I'll need a spot somewhere in NDG in winter 2012! ;)

I need to go and check out Espace Tricot!

RenateS. said...

Mona, I don't know you. I just happened on your blog in clicking the "next blog" button. Pls. let me tell you a story. A long time ago (the culprit is now 48), I dropped my son off to the babysitter. As we would drive away, he would stand by the door crying and sobbing. I would get to work and call immediately to see how he was until the day the baby sitter told me what was really going on. As soon as mom and dad's car had turned the corner and the darling could no longer see us, he would turn around, look at the babysitter and say "Aunt Pat what's for breakfast?". They know just how to push our buttons. Good luck. Renate