Monday, January 16, 2006

A warm up and a curl up

About ten years ago I made a vest out of bulky, slubbed wool yarn. Oversized, too. I would say that was a lukewarm project, and not in a good way. A while ago I frogged. And re-knit.

Now it's this. I wore it today with my new blue coat. Lovely, warm and the colour matches. That's what I use bulky yarn for from now on. (At least when I am supposed to wear the outcome.)

Yesterday, I woke up and my hair was like this. And that's not even a lie.


Julia said...

Nice messy hair;-) That straight-out-of-bed look is still really hip!

Lolly said...

Those thick and thin slubby yarns are perfect for scarves - I have mae several. Yours turned out nice, and matches your jacket very well.

Great hair!

nadine said...

your hair looks marvellous. very sexy.

nadine said...

And now it's time for a quick & easy game of 4 answer Tag !
have fun (and it will really only take a few minutes!!)