Monday, January 22, 2007

Best laid plans of mice and men or: Procrastination is so easy

As I have said before, I finished my Mom's gift knitting on New Year's Eve. Due to unforeseen obstacles it took me a mite longer to finish than expected. That might be because I had to reknit both sleeves since in my world no one has arms 27.5 inches long. Not that I say it isn't entirely my fault for not checking the schematics, I did check my gauge after all and it was spot on. So I knit as given in the instructions and ended up with sleeves for an Orang-Utan. While the colour of the garment might have been flattering for one, I wasn't prepared to donate my work to the next zoo. Sigh. Hindsight is 20/20 and checking schematics is vital for finishing on time. I do think it fits well, though.

Here's a detail:

The crocheted buttons were a request of the recipient, I would have preferred a sleeker look, i.e. bought ones. But then, I don't have to wear it, do I?

One more thing: at 12.14 a.m. today my nephew Paul was born. He's 56 cm tall and weighs 3800 grams. Apparently he has very large feet.


Lolly said...

Your mom's cardigan looks wonderful! I like the combination of colors ;)
Congratulations on the new family member, Mona!

Pat said...

Beautiful cardigan - the cabled detail where the 2 colors join is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The cardigan is gorgeous. I love the 2 colors together!

Congrats on the new member of your family!

Anonymous said...

The cardigan looks so great, and I love your mom's glamour pose!

And congratulations, auntie Mona!

Jen said...

Beautiful, auntie Mona! :o)

Mareike said...

Wow, die Jacke ist großartig geworden!!! Ich glaube, irgendwann nehme ich mir die Anleitung doch nochmal genauer vor :-))

Übrigens: Herzlichen Glückwünsch zu Deinem Neffen!!!

Liebe Grüße