Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something Saturday

Tag is me

Back then I was pronounced 50% weird. Now Karine wants to know if that's correct, I guess, because she tagged me with "6 weird things about me". I am pretty sure there are such things, but how the heck am I supposed to know what's really weird about me?

Weird, after all, means: (informal use) unusual and not sensible or acceptable. Maybe I should stick to the other meaning: strange, unnatural. Unnatural? Doesn't sound that much better to me.

1. I have the urge to collect things. Things in a row (magazines, books), things I think I need (dpns), things I like (yarn, books, coloring pencils, fountain pens). There is no intention of collecting when I acquire things, it just so happens.

2. I'm German and I don't drink beer. I don't think that's weird, but apparently there are a lot of people out there who seem to think so.

3. I can't watch any series in German when I have seen the original. I will annoy people with remarks like "oh, the dubbing is soo bad" or "he/she sounds just silly in German". Another favourite is: "man, their English pronounciation is really crappy!". (Of course they don't dub names, titles like "detective" or even "mister".)

4. I either finish knitting a sweater in record time or it'll take me forever - forever as in more than one, two years. (Sweaters for personal use. Work knitting is something totally different.)

5. When I was twelve I had hemiplegia in my face. Usually only stroke sufferers get that. Apparently I caught a virus. You have to have EST (electro shock therapy) to help the nerves function again. Of course they are only small localized shocks, slightly more painful than getting a very strong shock from static.

6. I like to be tagged, but I don't like to tag. Please forgive this spoilsport - or just do it anyways if you feel so inclined.

Something Saturday

I've decided to show you something on each Saturday I find useful, delightful or maybe plain silly.

A thing I find delightful and useful at the same time is what I bought at the museum shop of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It doesn't only look cool but serves to store certain tools certain people cannot live without.

As if it was made for them, no?

New Blogger

The New Blogger does neither like accents nor umlauts. I'll have to fix that.


Jen said...

I can't even believe how much I love your little bag! I want one and I don't even use double-points. :)

Is there a brand name or artist on it? Just in case I want to look at more of them. :)

Knittiana! said...

The so called weird things about you: well I am German and everything but #5 applies to me. And yes, people seem to think beer is running through my veins, and that I should keep my comments on dubbing to myself. But all in good sport, and when I get tipsy after one glass of good welsh cider I can add another point: none of that German resistance to alcohol...

Whaledancer said...

That is a truly delightful bag!!!!

Karine said...

I feel the same about seeing a series in French, unless I've seen it in French first (like Sex and the City), in that case I have a bit of trouble to the actors actual voices... As for the case, it is gourgeous...