Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm baaaack!

From Fibre Fest North in Wiarton, ON. It was great! I met a lot of lovely people, learned how to spin, stocked up on yarn and roving (yeah, I got sucked in) and bought yummy apples from a fruit stand.

I have to take pictures of my loot, but here are some shots from the weekend:

The resort:

Willie's den where everything happened.

Fibrery invasion.

Me "spinning". (I do better now! and apparently somebody dressed me up with some fibre dreadlocks...)

Ted spinning ever so effortlessly.

Yeah, sometimes it didn't go too well.

DeeDee's fabulous spindles.

Thanks so much to everyone who was involved in planning and organizing this!


Lorraine said...

So glad to have met you at FF. Great pictures, too. How did I miss DeeDee's spindles? Dang!! Next year, eh?

Happy spinning!

AliP said...

Oh you like you are having so much FUN! I never learned to enjoy the drop spindle but you look like a natural!
Love the "dreads".

Katya said...

Good job :-)
I will learn natural spinning but how to?