Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It was a long trip

But it was sweetened (at least for me, Rolf was a very good sport!) by yarn buying and very good tart apples.

When I looked up the venue for FFN on the map and discovered that Pick up Sticks is practically on the way I planned a stop in Bradford. Since we left early enough on Friday morning, that was no problem at all. The ladies - Connie and her sister - are very friendly and of course I forgot to bring my camera and take a picture. But here's what I bought:

Then, later on, on route 26 along the coast of Nottawassaga Bay we stopped to buy apples. And some strawberry jam and elderberry jelly. The apples taste great. I bet they would be perfect in a pie.

Upon arriving at the Waterview Resort Ted had a goodie bag for each participant. I almost laughed out loud when I saw the colour of the lace yarn he put in there...(by the end of Saturday, everyone knew of my colour preferences. My, I hate to be predictable...) Well, to own the truth, when I asked Ted about it, he said he had planned to put a burgundy skein in there, but some or other happened to it and so it was...orange! Yay. Couldn't have been a better choice. It's from Shelridge Farms and feels very soft and lovely.

Also, there was, or rather is, a jar of chutney, made by Ted himself (can't wait to try it), very good chocolates from Mill Creek (two boxes, but Rolf and I had one already) and something I always wanted but never ordered so far: coilless safety pins! There was also lots of info about the area and and and...

More fun to come. I bet when I am done you'll wish you were there.


lori said...

i do wish i was there... oh, wait a minute, i was. ;) so nice to have met both you and Rolf! looking forward to next year already. :)

Ted said...

The "Honey Crisp" apples are best for eating in hand. I think you'll find the flavour too delicate for cooking, and the texture...well...they'll get mushy. That would make them good for applesauce, though.

They're an early-season apple, and will deteriorate quickly, so eat them while they're good.

That part of Ontario --along Highway 26-- is real apple-growing territory. After you eat some of the fresh, new-crop apples, anything you buy in your grocery store will taste second-best.

Lorraine said...

Hard to believe you used to wear mostly purple! It was fun wasn't it? I look forward to being your neighbour when we all get settled in Owen Sound. Right, Ted?