Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm knitting for Baby

And with my hand spun, no less.

The pattern asks for a fingering yarn, I have 48 grams of a nice yellow-orange mix spun of a Black Bunny Fiber Corriedale roving - so here's my first knit for "Egg". - In the tradition of giving the bun in the oven a nickname, I chose one from one of my favourite books: "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving.

Egg is half baked, and here's a picture. Not that one can see much, but it was a relief to see that Egg is healthy and growing. Moving, too. Though I can't feel it yet.

Due to severe shyness the doctor couldn't determine Egg's gender. I fear I'm going to have a Kinder Surprise.

Much thanks to the commenters who left anniversary wishes and others.


Jenn said...

We're half-baked over here as well, and were a little reluctant to show off the goods, but a few prods from the sonogram tech made us turn over and reveal ourselves - thank goodness, 'cause I think I'd go nuts if I didn't know!
I haven't felt any movement yet either, so I'm glad I'm not alone.

Connie said...

Orange is good for a surprise baby :)

Petra said...

Well yoou can see a nose now, can't you?!? Great to hear that the both of you are doing well!
BTW my daughter showed her gender W32 when we applied for admission at the hospital (in Germany you do that a few weeks in advance at the hospital of your choice).

Jennifer Lori said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha - "kinder surprise".

I almost sprayed my monitor with water. Nice one, Mona!

That's a sweet pattern, I knit one for Jakob with a sport-ish weight yarn. It will look amazing in your handspun (which looks rediculously neat and even). I remember when you bought a spindle and started playing around in Vermont!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Love the Kinder Surprise reference. Very cute. Too bad you couldn't tell the gender. Do you get to do another U/S?

I'm in the middle of knitting a Sweet Baby Cap for Mackenzie, I can't wait to see yours finished! (I'm making his to match the Baby Surprise Jacket I made him!)

lori said...

awe, little kinder surprise is looking right at the camera. :)

glad to see you're knitting with your handspun - xtra special, love the colour.

SSK* said...

We love Kinder Eggs at our house - both the chocolate and human variety!

DD17 (who was born in Germany) just completed her AP Literature research paper on John Irving and got an 'A'.

Happy Knitting!