Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brotherly socks

A couple of weeks ago I met a pair of brothers at a party. I don't really know how old these kids are, but when the older one saw me knitting on a sock he asked what I was doing. "I'm knitting a sock." I said. Now, I would have expected anything as a second remark but "can you make me some, too?". Apparently he liked what he saw and thought it appropriate to order a pair for himself (pink and blue, who'da thunk?) and for his brother (green and red). He kinda expected me to start right away, I think, 'cause he kept asking if I had more yarn in my bag. Talk about enthusiasm!

Armed with the necessary information (shoe size?) and after digging through my stash (I actually considered for a teensy weensy moment buying that perfect shade of pink) I cast on and knit away. Blue socks with pink stripes- as seen in picture - and green socks with red stripes, yet to be started. I hope they'll please the recipients once they are done.

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's awesome that they admired your work! How old were they... give or take? :)

I won't be at mom & baby knit tomorrow. Kids are contagious for 48 hours unfortunately. Took the boys to Stat Care at 5pm. The results = Sean has an ear infection in each ear, and eye infection in each eye and a red throat. Mack has an ear infection in 1 ear. Oh my.

Maybe next week sans Mack (he starts daycare on Tuesday!)