Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hanging over my head

Old. All of a sudden this word threatens my existence as I know it. Well, not really suddenly, it's been creeping up for some time now. There have been some days in the last 2 years when I felt old. I have had back pain ever since Egg was born, but mostly right after I got up and when I was sitting for too long (more than half an hour that is) and then it went away.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I woke up to excruciating back pain. So bad that I wasn't able to pick up my toddler and even getting dressed was a painful ordeal. A trip to the emergency room revealed a kidney infection and, wait, a bit of Osteo-Arthritis in my back. Even now I wonder, is that like "a little bit" pregnant? (Which, to quash all expectations, I am not.) The kidney infection was dealt with, Antibiotics do the trick. But the other pain, the daily one that won't go away, is the reminder of said word at the beginning of my post. Thankfully the days when my husband had to lift me out of bed are over, but some days just sitting on the couch with a hot water bottle pressed against my back is the only thing that makes it bearable.

Having said all this, I totally know it could be worse. It could be my hands.

P.S. After trying three times to get her to nap, Egg slept for almost 45 minutes yesterday.


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about the pain and Egg's independent streak. There will never be a time when you are thankful for the pain but hopefully the independence will be an asset some day! :-)

lori said...

i got osteoA when i was 28, from stress. so you're doing ok. well, you know, since you're a little over 29. ;)

best thing is lots of heat (well, that's what worked for me) and rest as much as possible; Advil usually works for that kind of thing.

and it does sometimes settle down - it could be from some current repetitive strain that may not always stay with you. it also tends to ramp up with stress. it could be that you're sleeping in a different position than normal right now (maybe it's because you ARE sleeping now that Egg is getting older? ;) your body's not used to being still for so long? ;)).

anyways, it might not last forever.