Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last year in June I got me some Kauni Lace yarn in the coveted colourway EQ from Tausendschoen. Once I received it I marveled at the size of the skein (280 g of lace yarn) and stashed it away. I had no idea what to do with it.

Then came Hex. For the last year or so I haven't been spending a lot of attention to knitty but some day I scanned the patterns of the Fall 2009 issue.

And there it was. The project ideal for my Kauni Lace in the coveted colourway EQ. Hex.

I felt attracted to the Stockinette heavy lace with the hexagon pattern - though I knew the size and form of the shawl wouldn't work for me. Not a problem, I have lots of yarn and can make it longer. So I wound my yarn into the biggest cake of lace yarn I have ever seen.

I started with a small swatch for the foam pattern, and didn't like how it came out. (Hm, even to me it seems now I'm a bit hard to please...) The Kauni is way different from the soft Malabrigo Lace and the drop stitches just didn't seem right. No foam then, I decided. I cast on and added one repeat, to make my shawl as big as I dared. I think my Hex sans Foam (Ravelry link) is going to be about 75" long and I haven't even figured out how wide it is. Huge, that's for sure.

I was worried that the pattern would become tedious over time, but the colour changes in the yarn kept it from getting there. I am still enchanted by the gradual changes from one colour to the next, and knowing the pattern by heart helps to enjoy the knitting process as I go.

The Kauni lace works up beautifully, and I do love the crunchiness (is that a word?) of the yarn. I'm sure it'll soften up some and so I'm not worried about any itch factor. My yarn cake has shrunk considerably over the last two months, and I'll just go on until there's nothing left.

By now I have only 67 grams to go, there will be seven colour repeats once I'm done.


Monika said...

I love Kauni and Evilla Artyarn; you really get great results with it. I don't mind the sheepy smell either, but I don't think it will soften up much. I just finished a shawl with Evilla Artyarn, which is pretty much the same as Kauni, I washed it, and soaked it in conditioner. It smells so good now, but has the same scratchiness as before. That will not keep me from knitting more of it though. :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive and Love the yarn. It's on my list of things to acquire and do!