Monday, July 25, 2005

Things are a-changing

I changed my sidebar. I started a while ago and I am not finished. The music thing just didn't work for me because I am not listening to much music any more. At one point it is going to be spectacular and I will like it. I just haven't done enough brainstorming.

What else is changing? The weather. It is hot and humid once again. I feel like I need to change something else but haven't found out yet what and how. Ever feel like that?

Kate asks today if we ever have thrown out something we knitted. I have. The last thing I tossed was a hideous cotton tank top, that was to heavy, to long and just to...too! It felt great.

I won't toss any yarn though but try to find someone who will like it instead.

Caroline has more questions for me!

Which Harry Potter book was your favourite?
I had to think about that for a while. It wasn't the latest, though I liked it a lot (and have said so before). I think I have to agree with Caroline and name No. 4 as my favourite. Apart from being a big book (many pages!) it also was way more entertaining than the even bigger No. 5.

What's the best yarn you've ever knitted with. And what's so great about it?
Right. I don't have a clue. I wouldn't call it the "best" yarn but my "favourite" yarn. What do I know what's best, really? I like knitting with sock yarn. Any plain wool yarn is favourable. Why? How to put what you feel when you knit in words? I like when my knitting "flows". Mohair doesn't cut it, novelty yarns neither. There are lots out there I love knitting with, and after knitting with "VIP" from Lana Gatto lately I am sure this yarn will end up on my favourite list, just to name one I can think of. (And I do knit with Mohair occasionally, too!)

What kind of music do you listen to?
This could get embarrassing. As it is, I just refuse being embarrased because everyone is entitled to her/his taste regardless.
I listen mostly to music I can sing to. Which means no Heavy Metal, Rap or HipHop crap. That's why you find in my CD rack for example Sting, Robbie Williams, The Beautiful South, Dido, Dire Straits, Reamonn, Right said Fred, The Corrs, Flying Pickets,'s way eclectic, my CD rack. The embarrassing part might be the Spice Girls (yup, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...) and Bad Boys Blue (bad 80's pop). Go on, get out your big fat grin, I can handle it.

Thanks, that leaves 10 more questions. If you think that 14 minus 3 is 11 you would be right but that would be only because I haven't told you that Wendy has asked me one more thing that is really challenging and I have to ponder over for a while.

And, big finale, this just arrived:

A box full of Harris Tweed from elann. Delightful.

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Lauren said...

Tweedy goodness! Those colors are so pretty :)