Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wendy's question

If you could take a road trip with any three people, living or dead, real or fictional, who would you take, why and where would you go?

I have ransacked my brain for people I would like to take on this kind of trip and decided to make it as much fun (for me, tehee) as possible. Let's forget the fictional characters and stay with real people.

On a long road trip one has to knit. And to talk about knitting. So, I know I have said that I don't need to know celebrity knitters but I always wanted to meet Julia Roberts (even before I knew she knits). I say two birds with one stone. She comes along.

I like to sing while driving/riding. We need someone who will sing with me. I'll take Robbie Williams on the ride - he can sing swing, pop and a little bit of rock, that'll do nicely. And I bet with his attitude he is very entertaining on top of the singing.

Now, who else could we bring? How about someone like Hugh Jackman? He has a cool accent, can sing, too, and is nice to look at. Done deal.

Take a tour bus and drive around Europe to everywhere I wanted to go and never made it or where I already was and didn't spend enough time. Lots of yarn shops on the way, Provence calls, Malta, Scotland, Sweden...I would find destinations to fill six months of travelling easily.

My, that would be fun!


wenders said...

Rock ON! I am so glad that you answered this - and you get some sort of karmic bonus points for taking Robbie Williams. I'd take Bono, I think...


Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Okay now !
Where do we get these questions so i can finally update my blog besides the pictures i need - and promised - to put in and i can't find time to !!!!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I think if you're married you should still get to take three MORE people... Or maybe not... If I didn't take DH, I'd take my darling daughter, my knitting RN friend, and maybe my writer's group guide... she's been everywhere but has tons of enthusiasm. She would write about us while the rest of us knit. If I were going to take people I didn't know? Paula Deen (the southern chef), Danny Gregory (a painter and self-made philosopher), and maybe Jay Leno. He's certainly been in my bedroom often enough...