Monday, August 01, 2005

Life's boring

My personal quote of the day.

Nothing's happening, my knitting sucks, I am fresh out of ideas - which is bad, to say the least. I have a rash on my arms, don't know where it comes from, and do I really want to know? Little advice: don't join a book club ever. Nothing but trouble, books you have declined arrive anyhow, payment reminders for books you haven't received, too, etc. etc.

If I wasn't such a lazy bum I would have cleaned up my studio a bit and taken pictures. It has suffered big deal in the creative progress (ha, who am I kidding) going on - stacks of books, magazines, paper everywhere and somehow my work-in-progress-basket spilled over and that doesn't help either. Otherwise I would declare it as "finished".

That's it. I think I am going to bed. Please forgive my rambling, it can only get better.

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