Friday, August 26, 2005

Darn, I am a boring blogger!

But I can report that I found my pink measuring tape again that had been eluding me for a couple of months. I just love my pink measuring tape!

Be assured, it's not that I haven't been knitting, it is that I cannot show it to you. I might have to rename my blog to "NOT Knit stricken" so I won't lure anyone into the so-called-blog trap that lingers here to ensconce the curious and then make them leave bored half to death. People will go: "I was so exhausted by the nothingness I barely was able to hold my knitting needles after."

I donated the only memorable event in my life last Sunday to the Montreal Knits blog, because I was crazy enough to sign up there as a contributor, too.

Since I am not prepared to divulge details of my personal life (not that interesting either, I tell you), I might have to wait until the nothingness has consumed about everything - you know, just like in the "Neverending Story" - to be reborn into the interesting, entertaining blog I had in my mind when I started. One is entitled to hope, no?


Lee Ann said...

Um...that black stuff was llama, not camel ;-)

jan said...

Glad you found your pink measuring tape..I have a pink one and a blue one..but I like the pink best too. You'll never be a boring blogger have this really cool sense of humour that I love :)

nadine said...

ok, after hearing about your fabby Pink Measuring Tape, can we see a photo of it? i'd LOVE to see it... !