Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Get this funky yarn

I am going Disco, yeah Baby. I am not a glitter girl, not at all. But when there's sock yarn with glitter in it - come on, sock yarn! - even I can't resist.

It is called "Socka Color Disco" and right they are. Oh, and the BeeGees called, they want to know how deep is your love for hand knit socks with glitter??


katherine said...

You know, I managed to be Very Good and resisted buying it. But I'm now seriously regretting that decision.

Yes, I love me some glitter yarn.

Lauren said...

yea for sock yarn! looks like loads of fun! ;)

deawn said...

Here's an idea--how about you knit up some of those toe socks, so you can wear the sparkly disco socks with platform thongs!

Or maybe not.

Even "I" wouldn't wear all that!

No really...I wouldn't. I swear.

(Okay, maybe. But only for Hallowe'en).