Sunday, August 14, 2005


Of course I had to check it out! Say "Japanese Dollarstore" and I have to go. Dollarstores are fun, Dollarstores where everything has japanese writing and some unexplainabilities even more so. That's why I dragged VĂ©ronik and Oona there again, they didn't seem to mind!

I got two boxes, thingies to close plastic bags and a wooden cooking spoon. I took care to check that everything was actually made in Japan - 'cause don't you know it, a lot of that stuff is made in China - and all of my purchases were.

The boxes are see-through, long and flat and just the right thing to hold my dpn's. Who needs Tupperware when there's a japanese store like this around, I ask you. Plastic containers in all sizes and for everything you can think of and not. If you need some, go there.

I am also in love with the dishes they sell there. I might have to break some of mine to get to buy new dishes, something I am not capable of, really, which is too bad.


Lee Ann said...

Where is it? I know someone who is looking for little toys...of the hello kitty variety...

Looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

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Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Where is it?
Can't wait to get the fun going there too !