Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's my studio and I can mess it up if I want to

That's the view from the door. It's exactly what you get to see coming into the room. Left of the shelf is a window. It's not in the picture because the view is crappy: the wall of the neighbour's house - at least it is red brick, I could think of worse. Naturally I miss the view of the Mont Royal as it was from our former living room - but then that was my "studio". So you won't hear me complaining about some old bricks, no siree.

This is what you see when you sit in the chair and turn to your right, shoes that don't belong there inclusive. If you'd come into he room right now you wouldn't find'em either, I have put them away in the meantime.

Now, there's one corner missing, the one with two more bookshelves (anything BUT knitting on there). I didn't have enough space for a big desk, so I got a small one that's now permanently cluttered with sketches, notes, doodads and files. Not that a bigger desk wouldn't be as cluttered, mind you. As it is I am forced to clear away everything once in a while, keeps you on top of things. (What the heck am I talking about, does this look at all as if I am on top of things? Didn't think so.) Apart from that I really have everything I need right beside me: scanner, printer, paper supplies...oh, and tissues. Of course, every respected knitter needs tissues in case she/he has to throw a tantrum and extracts a few tears - or snot, as impossible (and unsightly on top of it) that may seem. It's been a while since it happened to me, but some of the designs in magazines and books lately make you want to have tissues around, too.

Please, don't be misguided by the small amount of yarn on the shelves, I have more. But as any good (addicted - busted - yarn stashing - insert adjectives at will) knitter I know where to hide it (and why).

Last note for today: Can I just mention how glad I am that the boring, mindnumbing, repetitious tv summer is practically over and next Tuesday my personal heaven of glorious small screen entertainment will appear in my living room? The first episode of the new season of Gilmore Girls will turn one hour of the evening into one of the moments you wish would never end....*sigh* (Okay, "House" is high on my list, too...Hugh Laurie is just irresistible, don't you agree?)


K. said...

Finally...new TV shows!!!!!!

deawn said...

Big ups for the honorable mention of 'snot'!!!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Your study looks lovely... even if you didn't show the red brick window view. My stash used to look lovely. Unfortunately, CAT has discovered it and thinks it is fun to pounce on any novelty yarn and carry it to the front door, bathroom or far side of the bed. Usually she doesn't unravel much. But I'm going to have to figure out how to store it so I can see it, but she can't get it.