Saturday, September 10, 2005

Edgar did me in

I consider myself a lover of "sophisticated" knits, i.e. I want intricate patterns, be it lace or cables or whatnot. But I do admit I do have a weak side when it comes to variegated yarn and quick projects. You know, self striping sock yarn and the like.

So what happens when there's the new knitty, one stumbles over a pattern like this and said girl just happens to have a couple of single balls/skeins of Noro-I-don't-remember-what-it-was lying around? What's more, Friday night one has to concentrate on to learn what not to wear and NOT on if one cabled the right way or decreased the correct number of stitches.

This, of course:

Meet my very own Edgar. To my shame I have to admit that it wasn't over for Edgar and me once this ball of yarn was gone, no, I asked for a second date:

See, we've become quite comfortable with each other, I kinda like this guy. I am also pretty sure no other one-balled dude would have shown up on my doorstep any time soon and decided that now's the time to find out if one ball can do the trick for me, too.

The much anticipated answer to this is: yes, one ball can deliver as much fun as two - which, incidentally, I would use for knitting socks, of course.


Lauren said...

I loved that pattern when I saw it--I don't have a spare ball of Noro around, but I think I can find some at the LYS. Yours look great, Mona! (and the designer for Edgar is a fellow German--no wonder you loved the pattern!) ;)

Sarah said...

Great colors, they really work with the pattern!