Thursday, September 15, 2005

Montreal Knitters are the best!

Well, that'll be my personal opinion and someone dare tell me otherwise!

After my calling for an unscheduled meeting on Monday for Wednesday the gang (being Deawn, Molly Ann, Kadi, Véronik, Mary and Nadine) showed up, which, considering that we had met last Wednesday and last Sunday is really amazing. By now you might have figured out that I am addicted to our knit things, I even dare to go when I am in a crappy mood or in pain - they take it all in a stride.

I took photos. Guess what, they suck. But, to my defense, it must be my crappy camera, not I who causes the crappiness. Also, I get funky, artsy pictures no one else gets, see for yourself:

This proves that with "portrait mode" I have to ask the object of my desire - in this case Molly Ann with her fabulous knitted animals - to sit perfectly still. Of course no one in their right mind does that, and this is what you get.

This is Mary before she realized she'd missed the season premiere of "Gilmore Girls" - don't have an after picture, just a desperate e-mail...poor thing, really.

Nadine (sock addicted at the moment with great results) and Molly Ann in another perfectly flurry picture. So sorry to tell you the sad story about Nadine being allergic to the wonderful wool she bought on the Shetland Isles, I can tell you, everything you could say is cold comfort and sounds cruel.

Molly Ann modeling her shawl made of one skein of Slub Kasuri. It's so pretty and soft and colorful...I hope anyone posts better pictures of it on the Montreal knits blog and she might even add the instructions since it's her own design! Well done, I say.

No pictures of Kadi (who will be happy about this), Véronik (also picture shy), Deawn and myself - I am not only a bad photographer, I am also a lazy one and only take pictures of people who sit opposite me.

Now I get to the part where I feel a bit silly. Dear Nadine requested to see a picture of my pink measuring tape which I was so happy to have reclaimed. It's just your plain ol' measuring tape but it's special to me because it served me big time after moving to the north american continent since it has cm and inches and its 1.50m perfect length travels well. Even now I feel a bit dizzy when someone throws at me: hey, that's about 18 and a half inches...? HUH? Fabby pink measuring tape to the rescue!! So here goes nothing - i.e. more of my digital "art":

Tomorrow might be a good time to post a bit about my knitting, let's see how the pictures turn out...

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nadine said...

I L*O*V*E* Your photos ! they are so fun!
and your pink measuring tape is fabulous. i've never seen a Pink measuring tape. ooh, having measuring tape Envy. my tapes are all white.

... and, i am still in a funk about being allergic to the Shetland wool. Too sad for words.