Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tonight, tonight...

Isn't it pathetic for a full grown woman to wait for a new episode of a TV show as if she was still a girl and waiting for her 13th birthday? 13th because for me that was a big deal, with having the permission to invite boys and have a "party". Since birthdays at my age aren't really exciting any more one has to look for substitutes, no? Don't know about you but I find the suspense of having to wait for Luke's answer to Lorelai's question suffices nicely.

Maybe one day soon I'll even blog about my actual knitting again.


Sibylle said...

Oh if finally a new season of Gilmore Girls would be send here I would be more than excited :) I love it! I was always really excited about the new seasons of friends and theses days I love also watching Desperate Housewifes. And no shame I think soaps are the perfect thing to go with knitting :)

Anonymous said...

so what is the new Job you are going to love???????
From Grandheart2000@yahoo.com