Saturday, September 24, 2005

A history of sock knitting

At our last knit thing we were talking a lot about socks. No wonder, Kadi, Anna and I were knitting socks, so it seemed only natural to talk about it. Knitting socks is something one either loves or doesn't give a damn about, I belong to the former group of people. This love came fairly late in my knitting life, I knit my first pair of socks when I was 22. I still have them. Wanna see?

I didn't make up the patterns myself, I copied them from a sweater I owned. But I did adapt them to make the sock fit my feet. I always used more than one colour for my socks - one colour would have been to boring, really - until there was the magic of self-striping sock yarn.

A couple of years later I was given a pair of socks which are today a prized possession of mine. They were knit by my then boyfriend Rolf, granted, he had help from his grandmother, but see for yourself:

The grey stripe in the blue sock says "MONA" and the red stripe in the black shows little hearts. No girl in her right mind could ask for a better gift, eh?


wenders said...

that is just wonderful! how are the designs in the stripes?

Maggie said...

Found your blog via Montreal Knits and as I too live in Québec (Grande-Île, which is now part of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield), I just had to say "HI". Love the socks!! Hope you'll drop by my blog and visit too.