Saturday, October 22, 2005

I am Canadian

No, I am not (yet), but my Regia sock yarn edition is.

From left to right they are called "montreal" (but of course I had to have it!), "quebec", "edmonton", "columbia" and "toronto" (I have no preferences regarding these places except the first two - I just liked the colours! Let's be generous and forgive the Regia people that they spelled "color" not "colour" - which would have been truly Canadian!). The box had been on my wishlist for a while, so here it is.

Opal "Regenwald Flamingo" (I did not expect it to be that pink), Opal handpainted colour No 17 and Trekking XXL No 100. All of these I got at Martina's Bastel- und Hobbykiste. I must say she has a great selection - and the prices and the service are great, too!

When Rolf asked me if there was anything elso he could bring me from Germany I asked - very cautiously - for knitting magazines. I told him to get "Sabrina" and "Verena" but didn't have big hopes of really receiving any. What can I say, he came through and bought me these:

The November edition of "Sabrina" and two "Verenas" - one of them with lots and lots of men's patterns.

I would say that even though I didn't get to go this Germany trip was very successful, eh? I also got my elann package yesterday, compared with this colourful loot its contents look a bit bland, but I will give you a picture tomorrow nonetheless.


Michelle said...

I'm drooling over your sock yarn! I just ordered a ball of the Trekking XXL #100 and hope it's as nice as everyone is talking about.

Julia said...

Hallo! Die Verena Herbst/Winter ist doch mal ein Knaller, oder? Ich finde, dass in den deutschen Strickheften oft viel Quatsch drin ist, aber in der Ausgabe waren mal richtig viele anziehbare Modelle drin!