Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am a dork

Then again, I ask you: Wouldn't the knitter in you not be dork enough to take the chance of touching the original Clapotis? I wonder how often Kate gets the request whenever she wears it and meets new people - who knit, I should add. I took the opportunity one Sunday when she joined our Knit Thing downtown.

She was sitting two seats over, so I really didn't get to talk to her much, I hope that will be remedied sometime soon in the future. Thanks to Caroline who took the picture (and let me steal it of her blog - at least by now she'll know I did).

I am also a dork because I ordered sock yarn like a maniac. It only dawned on me today (do you really believe that?) that I better knit socks for every single person I know in Montreal to reduce my stash or else I won't be able to convince my husband that I absolutely have to buy more. The goodies from Germany arrive on Friday with Rolf in tow - I hope he manages to squeeze them in his suitcase, he has threatened to leave the yarn behind if...ah, let's not think about this possibility any further. The package from elann should be at my doorstep any day now...they had plain colours in abundance but I ordered only five pairs worth. (Have to work towards the next rebate, it's not far off!)

Furthermore, I am a dork because I forgot to bring my camera tonight, and so I couldn't take a picture of the evil fibre temptress lovely Audrey who once again stunned us with her goodies. Thankfully Deawn had her camera with her and captured the happy moment. She calls it: "Mona sniffs fibre", while I have to insist that I only demonstrate the softness of, well, of the thing I bought! Picture follows as soon as Miss D gives me access on her online foto album. Then I shall reveal the identity of the "thing". Maybe someone else will do that first though, because: Nadine couldn't resist either - she'll probably post about it, too.

I'd say enough dorked for one day, let's see how I will fare tomorrow...

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