Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going back to Basics old crap

Last night I went to one of our knit things. Before I left I was looking for a knitting project to bring. I felt utterly lost. Could it be that I am really done (at the moment) with all work knitting? That there's nothing that I have to knit? Don't even ask about socks right now, after knitting/designing non stop I can't stand them. What to knit, what to knit....

Looking at my basket I figured that is not really going to be a problem (D'OH). I am going to be a good girl and will try to finish old crap instead of starting new crap. So back to the Lace Shawl I cast on last year to be finished October 15th.....2005. Well, I figure I can try to make it till the same date in 2006, eh?

17 g of laceweight - or: the yarn that never ends.

I would have preferred a project in a neutral colour, but, alas, no old neutral crap could be found. My sincerest apologies for crapping out on Project Spectrum - still love the concept, can't make it work.

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