Friday, August 18, 2006

Out of the blue - just for entertainment

I felt inspired by Nadine's pictures of Scotland. I wanted some nice pictures on my blog, too. So, here we go. These pictures are from last year's visit to Germany.

Bridge in Landau/Pfalz where I love going shopping.

Old military building (the French used to lodge there) from the 19th century (finished in 1863) that has been repurposed and is now full of quaint little shops and restaurants.

The "Café Klimt" in Landau. I've never been in there but Gustav Klimt is on of my favourite Art Nouveau artists, so anything with his name on it is interesting to me.

The building the Café is housed in. It's pure Art Nouveau (Jugendstil in German). I can get lost in the details.

More Art Nouveau windows. Aren't they great?

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nadine said...

Gorgeous photos. thanks for sharing !