Monday, August 28, 2006

No deadline - it's alive

I've been done with the shawl for a while now. It's fluffy, soft and quite big.

And a close up:

Ed. to add:

Technical data:
Yarn: AHS Slub Kasuri from AmiAmi, 100 g of colour A 36
Pattern: my own, knit on 3.5 mm (size 4) needles


~Jo~ said...

It's a beautiful shawl Mona, mind to share if it is your design or not? Also... what kind of yarn is it? Yes, I'm full of questions today. ;)

Karine said...


pat said...

That's a lovely shawl and design. I can't imagine even thinking about knitting something like this. It looks so delicate and light as air. Gorgeous colours as well.

Emma-Davida said...

My have you been productive! The shawl is lovely and the colors are perfect for the fall. It was good seeing it and you in real life the other night.

Beth said...

Lovely shawl. I am a new blogger and found your blog when I was choosing my blog name only to find there already was a blog named knit stricken!

nadine said...

your shawl IS fabulous ! i hope you'll be wearing it now.
And i saw your Photo in the paper ! you look Marvellous !