Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pump it up

A few years ago the ever present Swedish furniture chain had something I found intriguingly ingenious. Especially when one is the only person drinking coffee in the house.

Just heat a little milk in a mug (I find 2% works best, it has the perfect ratio of protein vs. milk fat that makes great foam), put the foamer in and pump for about 15 to 20 seconds.

See? It totally works. Calisson is optional. (I wanted to add the more classy link to Aix-en-Provence tourism, but it wouldn't work.)

Are there other people out there who think that coffee tastes totally different when consumed with foamed milk? I certainly do!


nadine said...

but yes ! i do too! it tastes Marvellously different.

Alison said...

I loooove espresso in foamy milk.

deawn said...

I just like foamy milk. But I'm strange like that.

At first, to me, it looked like some kind of newfangled marital aid or something.

I guess if you're willing to clean it sufficiently between 'interludes,' you could use it as such. I guess...