Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Häschen hüpf!*

*lit. "Bunny hop!"

I finished a pair of Socks. I used one of the Black Bunny Fiber yarns from Carol, the colourway is called "Dreamy".

I call them "Dream Twister". No, I don't, I just made that up.

I also made up the pattern. Very "bäuerlich" (inspired by "Bäuerliches Stricken" by Lisl Fanderl) and not complicated just a bit fussy. All the knit stitches are knit into the back loop, even when twisted. There is stitch twisting going on on every row, so if you want to knit anything like it, prepare yourself.

Let me know if you would want to knit these particular twisted stitches, I might be able to help...

Thanks, dear commenters, for the tips on statistics! I investigated thoroughly *clears throat* and statcounter seemed the obvious choice - good call, Michelle!. Free (sitemeter is not) and uncomplicated (yes, I think I know what a feed is, but hey, I might be wrong, so no feedburner for me at the moment).


Lisa said...

your socks are entrancing - these too are dreamy

Claudia said...

Wow, die Socken sehen klasse aus. Aber mich schrecken weniger die verschränkten als viel mehr die vielen linken Maschen ab :-)
Die drei Bände Bäuerliches Stricken finde ich klasse. Es gibt noch Bücher aus dem Steirischen Heimatwerk, die weitere alpenländische Muster enthalten (mit gaaaaanz vielen verschränkten Maschen). Schau mal hier:

Liebe Grüße,


Dave said...

Those socks are gorgeous -- I love the stitch patterns you chose. Are you considering writing up the pattern?

Caroline said...

I LOVE the socks! Will you write a pattern? I want them! :)

I didn't know you had to pay for sitemeter. It was free when I joined!

Carol said...

Oh Mona, if you keep designing socks like that, I will keep you supplied in Black Bunny sock yarn for the rest of your life. Truly fabulous.

By the way, I have statcounter and it's free and I like it. Easy to use and gives you very helpful statistics.

rchmura said... would be the obvious choice. (maybe you haven't tried it out yet?) it gives a much greater detail and history than both site meter or stat counter

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Mona you are amazing. I love, love, love your embossed leaves socks (gifted away) but now I want a pair for myself! But I might have to start with your Dream Twister Socks first - very cool pattern. Thanks for being so generous with your talent!

Debra in NC said...

I absolutely love the design for your Dream Twister socks, but unfortunately, it won't let me download it at all. I've tried in IE, Foxfire, and Netscape........nothing. Right clicking it isn't helping, it doesn't give a "save as" in the menu, it has "save link as"....what's the sense of saving the link if it isn't going to open? Anyway, thanks for the eye candy!

Michelle said...

I'm such a slaker! LOL Glad I could help you with the StatCounter.

I love your sock pattern! Thanks so much for sharing.