Sunday, June 10, 2007

The race is on - literally

While I type this the Formula 1 race is on. A short while ago there was a horrible accident - I hope the driver will make it. Seeing how the car was bounced around and flip flopped I almost don't believe it. Stupid sport that is.

A bit later: the driver got lucky and has 'just' a broken leg.
(Ed. to add (June 12): I was informed that Mr Kubica did not break his leg, but just strained his ankle. If you have seen the footage of the crash you know that this is mindboggling. Just sayin'.)

Then there's my private race - way less dangerous, and all accidents can be remedied:

40 more grams to go.

Making plans. Almost there.


Teri said...

I'm a huge F1 Fan, but couldn't watch the race today. who got hurt? I'm going right over to see the results on itv.

katherine said...

I only saw the accident in the re-broadcast last night (I went out and left my husband to watch it in the afternoon) -- by that time I already knew that Kubica was okay, else I wouldn't have been able to bear watching it.

Sigh. I do like watching, but moments like those are horrible.

So, what is that yarn in the bottom photo???

Mona strickt said...


the yarn in the bottom photo is the lace weight I received from Carol - in the colours of my sofa.

Carol said...

What a lovely red! Can't wait to see it done....

Leslie said...

What yarn is that on the bottom, all those lovely pastels?

katherine said...

Duh -- I realized that when I looked at the photo again this morning.

It's really lovely, can't wait to see what you've done with it.