Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is my opinion

that knitters must have a certain chemistry going on. You know what I mean. If you love knitting socks, you LOVE knitting socks. Some or other chemical enhancement must be in place that few knitters don't have - the ones that don't like knitting socks. I have rarely met a knitter that didn't get excited over certain types of yarn. Again: must be that knitter's "element". This was so far the only connection I made between chemistry and knitting, which is kinda sad since my husband is a chemist. Until now:

I am going to knit the periodic table. Into socks. Just like that. Thanks to "Epicurus" on Etsy.

All of the above stated has not been scientifically proven in any way and therefore I cannot be blamed if it turns out to be taradiddle.

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Carol said...

Taht's a neat idea for a colourway!