Saturday, June 02, 2007

*sigh* It's never as easy as it seems, eh?

Apparently there are problems with the download of the pdf. Before putting it up I tried like ten times (and from different browsers) if it worked, and it did.

Now I am sitting here and it doesn't and I don't know why. If you belong to the group of people who cannot open the file, let me know and I'll send you a copy via e-mail.

Ed. to add:
Angela was so kind to point out if you right click and choose "save target as" or "save link as" it'll download without a hitch. I tried it, and it works. The email is still an option, too.


Snarsh said...

Hi Mona,

I couldn't download it either, but then instead of just clicking on the link , i right clicked and used Save Link As... and saved the pdf to my computer. it worked!

In Internet Explorer this equals Save Target As when you right click the link.

maybe you want to post this to let people know that it might work.

Marsha said...

Thanks for the free pattern! I was able to get it just as the last commenter suggested.

I'm just finishing up my 2nd sock from your Embossed Leaves pattern. The yarn I chose was probably not the best choice colorwise to show off the design because it is a green/purple varigation but they are lovely nonetheless! I used a german twisted cast on instead of the one on the pattern. The german was stretchier to me and since I have big feet with high arches and instep it was necessary. I hope to post them to my sadly neglected blog once I finish them. I have to say that the last few repeats of the 2nd sock have gone really slowly and I've had to tink a lot. I can't wait to finish them and move on to the next project - probably a simple stockinette sock to give my hands a rest - ha!

pat said...

Thank you Mona - a beautiful sock pattern! - I love twisted stitches on a reverse stockinette background and this one is exceptional! I was able to download by saving to my computer 1st. Thank you again for taking the time and effort to make such a lovely pdf pattern.