Friday, July 06, 2007

En plus

The red shawl is finished. I would't be me if I hadn't made a mistake in the first row of the garter stitch part after painstakingly undoing all the other mistakes I generated in the lace part and only discovering it after I was all done and the thing blo..., uhm, steamed.

"Mooooom, there's a hole in my knitting where it doesn't beloooong!" (her answer would most probably be: "and what am I supposed to do about it?")

When I showed the shawl to Melanie, one of the knit thing attendees Wednesday night, she said it was funny how we have to point out the mistakes we made even though other people (even knitters) wouldn't find them. What I want to say, I guess, is that I am trying really hard to be ZEN about it and not to worry about one little extra hole.

It's hard. Oh, so hard.


Knitting Mama said...

It looks fabulous Mona! I saw it live in person last night too, and wouldn't have ever guessed there was a mistake in it!

Caroline said...

Yeah, I definitely see the mistake, it's huge. It must be hard to live with that. But you know what? I'm a good person and I'm willing to take the shawl from your hands, free of charge. That way, you won't have to live with this horrifying mistake... ;)

(seriously, the shawl looks gorgeous!)

Alison said...

So pretty!

turtlegirl76 said...

It is gorgeous and I do know what you mean. I tinked back 7.5 rows of lace yesterday because I screwed something up that I couldn't live with. Granted, it was a bit more obvious but still.

FYI - now that you're on ravelry you need to claim your patterns. Just e-mail Jess and let her know you're on and your patterns.