Sunday, July 15, 2007

I can hear you - can you hear me?

To finish the Stubborn socks one had to be really hard headed and knit on - watching the ball of yarn getting smaller and smaller and fearing that it won't be enough...well, my Mom and I have a running gag: "you have to knit faster to make the yarn last". Apparently I managed to knit fast enough.

They fit me perfectly.

I guess I have to keep them.

What do you think?

As I said, I can hear those of you out there who don't agree that variegated yarn mixes with intricate pattern like these. I think that the twisted stitches define the patterns enough to use handpainted yarns. But, since I am not always stubborn:

The "Not-so-Stubborn" alternative

I am using hot pink Kroy sock yarn and 2.5 mm needles, because it is a bit bigger than your usual 4 ply. These would fit my legs which are also a bit bigger than your usual leg, even though the twisted stitches don't make it as stretchy as your regular Stockinette stitch sock.

Now, à propos pink. Every year a brave crowd of women march against breast cancer - 60 km in all. I am not so brave to walk, but I am happy to donate to find a cure. It made me kind of feel good that I do that, when my Mom hat a health scare this year (she assures me that everything is OK). I felt helpless, but thought at least there's research ongoing to make it - hopefully, one day - end, and I contributed to that.

Ramona, one of the brave women who wants to walk on September 8 and 9, offers a sock pattern in return of your sponsoring her to partake.

Think about it. Every little bit helps.


Dave said...

Woo hoo! They're gorgeous. I bet they'd be nice in blue, too. Or green. Or grey. Or brown. :-)

Oh, and the effort? Totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Mona,

wow, die Socken sind wunderschön geworden!!! Das Muster ist absolut klasse, und die Wolle - naja, was soll ich sagen *grins* Von meinen Drachensträngen habe ich erst einen angeschlagen, Schaft ist gerade mal bei der Hälfte, bei mir ringelt es sich aber und mustert nicht so toll "wild" wie bei Dir.

Das nächste paar Socken aus Eurem Sockenbuch habe ich übrigens fast fertig - die Mrs. Hunters in dunkelgrün - werden absolut klasse :-)

Liebe Grüße aus der brütend heißen Pfalz,

Carol said...

oooh! Pretty! Looks good in both the variegated and solid! And the sock Ramona knit up is as lovely as it looks in the pic!

Monika said...

Love the variegated version! But it might just be, that I don't like pink in any form. ;o)

gray la gran said...

oooh ... i love the stitch pattern of the stubborn socks !