Sunday, September 09, 2007

In other news

Here's the gifted yarn I promised pictures of:

One of my favourite fiber mixes ever: 70% merino wool/30% silk
It's called Sherlock and it's from Artfibers. The coolest thing is that it's a chainette. (I took this picture a while ago, today there was no sun to be had in Montreal.)

So, what do you do when you wake up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning and realize by 5.45 a.m. that there is no way you are going back to sleep? I got up, made myself a big cup of coffee and started a new project. Of course. What else would one do?

It's the Skater's Overtop from "Knitting Classic Style" by Veronik. It's shown in Kid Silk Haze in the book, but my gauge was spot on with the lace weight from Black Bunny Fibers, so I plugged on. From a quarter to six to maybe noon - and then I had to stop because my shoulder hurt somewhat fierce. It still does, but I got about 8.5" done. I wish it was my wrist, then I knew what to do about it, as it is I am unhappily using stinking Rub A535 - it smells like Root Beer gone bad and I do know only one single person who admitted she loves that smell.

I had planned to come up with a design on my own for that yarn, but this is so much easier. (I have more laceweight, do not fear. Plenty for my own ideas. Should they ever take root.)


Jocelyn said...

So sorry about your shoulder. I get that too, and I usually ignore it. Probably not a good move.

I received my copy of Veronik's book the other day and love many designs in it. I have some BBB laceweight in my stash that I could use. So glad you thought of it, since I didn't ;-). What size needles are you using?

Julie said...

I often have a bit of early morning insomnia (especially if it's at all light out) and find that's the perfect time to really get some serious knitting done. For the shoulder I find it really helps if I periodically roll them 3 or 4 times gently forward and then the same back.

katherine said...

Mona, what's the yardage on the BBB laceweight?

I'm hoping Carol will have some with her the end of the month, and I want to mull over some ideas...

Mona strickt said...

The yardage is 880/100 grams.

I certainly hope Carol has some with her! (Are we going to fight over it, do you think?)

Connie said...

Ugh, knitting injuries. Right now it's my elbow and my neck. Hope you feel better soon!

I love Sherlock. I have some of the black (slightly variegated) color in my stash.

And I love the skater's overtop too! I have some KSH in my stash for it. Or maybe it would look good in Jaggerspun Zephyr....